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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

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About Our Institute

Accredited by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) to award National Diploma degrees to our graduates, we are at the forefront of national innovation in the educational sector of the Nigerian economy.

Eko College of Management and Technology (Ekocity) was established to raise industry leaders across different industries in the nation. Thus far, we have students across different academic departments who are trained in the rigour of everyday’s industry needs. Throughout your academic study, Ekocity will offer you access to a wide range of industry opportunities, and as such, our students go on to become industry leaders. Also, not neglecting our academic offers, you will have access to enough opportunities to either continue your study with us (after ND) in the HND level or proceed to any higher institution of your choice in the country and beyond to further your studies. As a national leader in higher education, we have pioneered visible change in our community.

Amazing Facilities

We make massive investments in the area of academic study, making every possible materials ready for use by our students.

Our audio/visual classrooms are tantamount to our goal of keeping up with our practical-oriented courses, including Wi-Fi hotspots around the school premises. Your study has to come first!

Dedicated Staffs

Our academic and non-academic staffs are partners-in-progress in our walk to make your academic journey fulfilled.

Our team of dedicated staffs are highly trained and skilled in their various capacities and they all bring their expertise to the fore in discharging their duties. We are proud of the right kind of people we have working with us, and we flaunt their dedication to your academic prowess for the whole world to see, proudly!

ND and HND Degrees

We are accredited to offer National Diplomas (NDs) and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) degrees to our graduates and we do that effortlessly as we play our part in nation building.

We have different departments in the Arts, Social Sciences and Engineering faculties, staffed with the best professionals across the country, reason why our degree programs hold much weight in the Nigerian market.

School Life

School life in Ekocity is adept at making you have the feel of your studentship. Hostel facility with guaranteed 24 hour electricity, school sporting activities, common room where you can keep up with your favourite TV shows, religious halls of worship, restaurant/canteen for foods and small chops, and the students “upper room” are all places to be.

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Student Life at Ekocity

School life in Ekocity is adept at making you have the feel of your studentship. Here is what one of our student has to say about studying with us.

Self Development
School life at Ekocity

Why Choose Ekocity?

Our Chairman, Board of Governing Council; Eko College of Management and Technology (Ekocity), Mr. Segun Oshundairo spoke extensively on why you should study with us. Those are just tips from the very BIG Ekocity iceberg, and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on the whole perks!

School life at Ekocity

Studying with us comes with a lot of perks and opportunities. As a student of our great institute, you are at liberty to join the many schooling activities provided by the school, ranging from sporting activities to singing/dancing clubs, religious activities within the school campus, and much more. What’s more? To support your academic prowess, you have the option and liberty to join the many bursaries and scholarship offers available to you as a student of our school. And where else to know of such opportunities than students’ social gatherings and pals’ chit-chat!

National Diploma

We run Full Time (FT) and Part Time (PT) courses in the National Diploma level. Get in touch with us today for your admission.

Higher National Diploma

We also run Part Time and Full Time courses in the Higher National Diploma level. If you have completed your ND before, get in touch with us for your HND programs (in view)

Scholarships & Financial AID

There are series of scholarships and financial aids available to students, and your studentship with us affords you access to those scholarship offers. Please keep up with the school news feed for more info.

Student Portal

The Ekocity Student Portal is an online platform for students to have access to administrative needs of the school without downtime and eliminating the time it takes to do same physically. Log on to your portal now!

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