School Life

School life in Ekocity is adept at making you have the feel of your studentship. Hostel facility with guaranteed 24 hour electricity, school sporting activities, common room where you can keep up with your favourite TV shows, religious halls of worship, restaurant/canteen for foods and small chops, and the students “upper room” are all places to be.

Event and Traditions

Far far away, just behind the world of the cherubic beings, in our own dear world, the words of Brother Jero echoed, “There are eggs and there are eggs. Same thing with prophets.”

For one, our Performing and Media Arts department is one such department never failing in churning out campus events and programs. From stage plays and performances like “The trials of Brother Jero“, to many other live performances on stage, the main event hall is always full to the brim with chanting voices of excited student viewers. Truly, life in school is fun and exciting, and you could look up to the PFA’s performances as one lovely program to cool off after the rigour of your academic study.

Student Activities

Student activities in the school is fun, and booming by the day. Many of our students resort to cool off after the day’s work by relaxing in the cool ambience of the school hall, keeping up with their favourite TV shows, while some others prefer athletic and sporting activities like playing football, and other sports. For some others, it may just be keeping up with your friends around the many “motion grounds” in the school vicinity.

Social Life

Social life is 100% on the campus. If you prefer Karaoke or modern Nigerian songs, apart from street DJs making the rounds to keep our students entertained, even you can dance to your own music. This aside, religious life in the campus is top-notched. The school Fellowship which holds every Friday is now set to start its own Sunday services right in the school. You don’t want to miss this. And the Muslim students? Of course, there is something for you every Friday. Just make sure you don’t miss the Friday Juma’at prayer right in the campus!


There are many options to reach us from all around Lagos.

When we say our campus is situated at the heart of the Nigerian economic capital, that is because we know what we are saying. From anywhere you are in the state, just find your way to the Ikotun metropolitan area of Lagos, and kaboom! You are right here with us.

If you ever get lost trying to access us, you can do a quick Google search for direction to our school. Just type “Direction to Eko College of Management and Technology“, and Google map will direct you right to us! Or call us: +234(0)808-407-4389 for direction.


We have students and staffs who come with their own vehicles, so the place for parking has to be made available. With ample space to accommodate almost 50 cars at a go, and another large space available on the school field (Well, we wouldn’t want to interfere with our students’ sporting activities), we can cater for over 100 cars at a go, conveniently!

The Campus Experience

With a teeming rise in campus activities within the school, students who decide to stay on-campus can tell you lovely stories of what it means to be a student with us.

With fast and ever-available internet, many of our students keep up-to-date with latest information in the world today. With us, internet is not a luxury, it is an essential need of every of our students.

Dining On Campus

The school canteen is situated right here in the campus. Although students are at liberty to get their food and drinks from anywhere they so choose and desire, we have, on one side, provided this at a convenience to our students.

Well, if you want, you can also do your own cooking in your hostel or get your meals from the different vendors around the school community offering different sumptuous meals and delicacies.

Athletics/Sporting Activities

We have an active sporting community in the school and you are free to join any.

The school football team is taking shape and our students would be expected to go into competition with students from other institutions in Lagos like the University of Lagos, the Lagos State Polytechnic, Yaba College of Education and Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education.

If you are interested in any sporting activity in the campus, please feel free to register your intent with your fellow students participating in such sports, or see the School Sports’ Director.

Arts & Culture

Every year, during the Students’ Week, we have one of the best weeks to ourselves to celebrate our school’s diversity and different traditions. Well, expect to dress in your local attire, and cook your local meals for your friends while you are treated to the same from them too.

Information Technology

Our world today is interconnected together, and as an institution looking to maximize the world’s gains, we have a very solid IT-backed academic structure.

Our lecture rooms are audio-visual and most of our classes are simulated in a practical learning oriented environment. Our course structure strictly follows the 70-30 percent practical-text structure, and it is one of what makes our students stand out in the nation today.

Safety and Security

Security in the school is of top priority in what we do. The only reason why everyone can study and achieve their dreams is because they are safe from different hazards that may want to hinder learning, and as such, we safety and security of our students’ lives and properties is paramount to us and we do this diligently without putting anything to lie.

The school gate is manned by experienced security guards who are well-trained and understand what it means to be in a school environment. We take students’ safety as our top priority.

Health & Wellness

The school clinic (in view) is expected to cater for our students’ emergency health needs. The proposed 20-bed medical facility will be available in the school campus, and funding is expected to be one of the best models in the world today, with students having a complete HMO package. This would allow our students to have access to the best healthcare at just a fraction of cost.

If you have any medical condition that you feel the school should know of, please feel free to contact the Dean of Students’ Affairs.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of nation building by raising the next generation of industry leaders in the country.

Segun OshundairoChairman, Board of Governing Council